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Simplified Joint-stock Companies (SAS)

Here at Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31, we can assist you by providing advice for the online creation of the Simplified Joint-stock Companies.

Características de las SAS

  • They are created 100% online
  • Their creation is free of charge
  • From only 1 shareholder
  • Require e.firma previously FIEL
  • Subsequent changes are made before the Commercial Notary Public
  • Same tax treatment as a SA de CV
  • Same legal protection as a SA de C

Minutes of the Meeting

We can also help with the drafting and official registration of minutes of the Meeting of Shareholders for the addition of shareholders, sale of shares, increase or decrease of capital stock, change of corporate purpose, change of registered address, dissolution and liquidation and transformation for surpassing the limit of annual income. Also, we are able to file the Meetings in a fast and efficient manner since we use SIGER (Public Registry of Commerce online); therefore, our filings are immediate since we do not have the need to appear in person to file them.

Notices Portal of Commercial Companies (PSM)

We also have advice and support service for the drafting and publication of notices set forth by the law for Simplified Joint-stock Companies in the Portal of Commercial Companies PSM such as: Notice of registrations in the share register of SAS, Notice of subscription and payment of entirety of capital stock, notice regarding annual total income, contracts executed between sole shareholder and the company, call for meetings of shareholders of SAS, among others.

Free Advice

At the Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31 of NL, we have created a private Facebook group to provide free support to entrepreneurs who are starting or who have questions regarding SAS or who are just thinking about creating a SAS.

Please request to join the group using this link:



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