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Changes In Companies

At Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31, we are also able to officially register any resolution made during a Meeting of Partners or Shareholders of any Commercial Company, including Simplified Joint-stock Companies (SAS) for withdrawal or addition of shareholders or partners, sale of stock or shares, increase or decrease of capital stock, change of corporate purpose, change of registered address, dissolution and liquidation and transformation for surpassing the limit of annual income in SAS. Also, we are able to file the Meetings in a fast and efficient manner since we use SIGER (Public Registry of Commerce online); therefore, our filings are immediate since we do not have the need to appear in person at the Public Registry of Commerce.



Colegio de Valuadores de Nuevo León, A.C.
Colegio de Corredores Públicos de la Plaza del Estado de Nuevo León, A.C.

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