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Attesting services

Certification of Facts IMMEX and PROSEC

The Commercial Notary Public Office 31 of the State of Nuevo Leon offers the service of preparation of certification of facts IMMEX AND PROSEC necessary for the programs of the Federal Ministry of Economy - Head Office of Foreign Trade.


Pursuant to Official Letter No. 414.2019.2383 of the Department of Industry and Commerce, Head Office of Foreign Trade.


These are the requirements to request the authorization for any of our processes of ANNEX 1:

  1. Location and characteristics of the address where the service or productive process is carried out. Attach photographic evidence.
  2. The ownership status of the real estate, as well as the document certifying it.
  3. Inventory of equipment by which the service or productive process is carried out. Attach photographic and documental evidence regarding legal ownership.
  4. The description of merchandise to be imported and description of physical space where it will be stored. Attach photographic evidence.
  5. In the event of having imported merchandise temporarily, inventory of said merchandise, and photographic evidence that matches with the same.
  6. In the event that the merchandise to be imported covered by the program is destined to Sub-maquila processes, detail what is mentioned in item A) and G).
  7. Number of employees at the address at the moment in which the certification of facts is prepared. Attach photographic evidence.

These requirements are to verify that you have the infrastructure necessary to carry out the corresponding productive processes


Import and Export Services


Authorization New Program Shelter

Authorization New Program Controllers

Authorization New Program Industrial

Authorization Service Program

Authorization New Program Outsourcing

3R's Extension

Extension IMMEX Modality

Extension Sensitive Products

Modification Controlled Companies Registry

Modification Sub-manufacturing Companies Registry

Modification Outsourced Companies Registry

Modification Service

Modification Modality

Modification Registration to Address of one Plant


Authorization New Program Direct Producer

Authorization New Program Indirect Producer

Registration of Address Direct Producer

Registration of Address Indirect Producer

Change of Federal Representation managing the Program



Colegio de Valuadores de Nuevo León, A.C.
Colegio de Corredores Públicos de la Plaza del Estado de Nuevo León, A.C.

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